“You can’t create a different world with indifferent people.”
— Lionel Arsenault, TRIMA author and creator


TRIMA Solutions


Since 1992, TRIMA Solutions has been providing psychometric and organizational expertise thanks to in-depth, scientifically validated personality tests tailored to your needs.


The TRIMA model, with its unique, scientifically validated approach, measures and interprets three specific dimensions of identity inherent to all individuals: social style, competencies, and leadership.


Evolving from simple user to TRIMA-certified consultant is just a decision away! On completing the TRIMA certification, you’ll be able to use the TRIMA Solutions coaching and psychometric tools in your own business.



TRIMA Solutions is a company that has been specializing in personal, professional, and team development for over 25 years. Founded in Québec by psychologist Lionel Arsenault, TRIMA Solutions is now active on a global scale, namely in North America and Europe.

TRIMA Solutions offers individuals, professionals, and certified consultants a number of integrated psychometric questionnaires designed to identify a person’s social styles, competency clusters, and leadership style. In addition to its trademark questionnaires and list of soft skills, the TRIMA team continuously works on developing new methods, guides, and tools to assist HR counsellors with their coaching sessions. These innovations are designed to assess, define, and develop the potential of individuals, leaders, teams, and entire organizations.

Today, there are over 700 TRIMA-certified practitioners trained in human resources, coaching, organizational psychology, or career counselling who use the TRIMA approach, system, and tools. Together, they have administered more than 50,000 questionnaires and completed numerous coaching sessions that have proven quite successful!




Development of the TRIMA model by Lionel Arsenault, and its first applications
Lionel Arsenault, creator of the TRIMA competency-based approach, is an accomplished professional who has been specializing in competency development, occupational psychology, and organizational development since 1974. His expertise both as a consultant and as a trainer has led him to develop tools that are equally effective for organizations, work teams, and individuals.


First scientific validation conducted by Jean-Yves Frigon, psychologist, Ph.D., specialized in statistics and researcher at the Université de Montréal.


Introduction of the sociogram model (based on the sociometry work of Jacob Levy Moreno), which is used to objectively assess group dynamics


Scientific revalidation carried out by professor and psychometrics specialist Éric Yergeau


Update of the competency dictionary and questionnaires to reflect changes in society and the emergence of new competencies


Development of Feedback 360° and of the Parallel Competency Classification (PCC)



Lionel Arsenault
TRIMA Creator
Skills development and leadership expert

Lionel Arsenault, skills development and leadership expert, is the author and developer of the TRIMA model created in 1992. He has a Master’s degree in organizational psychology and is a Ph.D. candidate in the competency-based approach.

An accomplished professional who specializes in human and relational dynamics, occupational psychology, and organizational development, Lionel Arsenault has been working in career development, education, and organizational psychology for over 25 years. His expertise and entrepreneurial creativity have led him to develop tools that are equally effective for organizations, work teams, and individuals.

He taught Competency Management at Université de Sherbrooke in the Education Management Master’s program, as well as Managing Change and Developing Leadership in Organizations at Saint Paul University. Author of the TRIMA Competency Dictionary, he created and developed the tools, methods, and questionnaires specific to the TRIMA model. He has certified over 700 individuals in the TRIMA model in Québec and in Europe.

Contact him at: lionel@trima.ca

Francine LeBlanc
TRIMA co-owner

Francine LeBlanc, MBA, is the daughter and granddaughter of entrepreneurs, Francine LeBlanc has been privy to the world of business from a very young age. With her education degree in hand, she taught for several years in Montréal, and then in Côte d’Ivoire.

After returning home, she teamed up with her father to create a new store concept for kit furniture. With determination and vision, she took advantage of the excitement and frenzy for this type of furniture by developing her business through franchising. This pioneer businesswoman led and managed the 13-store network in Québec for about a decade.

She subsequently embarked on a new career path—a 20-plus-year career in which she has been using her extensive team leading experience to guide and support entrepreneurs in their personal and organizational development and in competency development.

Francine has been involved in various charitable and business organizations since 1996, and currently sits on the Board of Directors of the Refuge des Jeunes de Montréal. She always enjoys and brings passion to whatever endeavour she engages in—whether it’s writing or working as a franchisee, trainer, or coach—and she continues to share that passion with the team of copilots at TRIMA Solutions Inc.

Contact her at: francine@trima.ca

Suzanne Audet
TRIMA co-owner

After studying psychoeducation, communication and marketing, completing an Executive Master’s of Business Administration, and working as an administrator for 15 years, Suzanne Audet founded her first training company in 1994. As an accredited instructor, lecturer, and coach, she accompanied leaders in strategic HR management, organizational development, and leadership for more than 20 years before becoming co-owner of TRIMA.

Passionate about the study and development of human potential, she has been using psychometric tools for over 30 years in SMEs and large companies. She became a TRIMAcertified consultant in 2001, an InterQualia-certified practitioner in 2004, and was part of HEC’s very first cohort of the Dynamique des familles en affaires program in 2002. Known for her creative and innovative vision, she co-developed the TOP Brain program for entrepreneurs in 2007, and, in 2009, created the CHEF & Cie program. She penned the Gérer pour durer column in the Business section of the Journal de Montréal/Québec for six years, and collaborated on two magazines (Chambre de commerce et d’industrie de la Rive-Sud and L’actualité Alimentaire).

Suzanne Audet has been involved in the community for more than 35 years, serving on numerous boards, including the Régie des Installations Olympiques (RIO) where she chaired the Human Resources Committee. Since 2000, she has worked as an HR expert with the Quebec Produce Marketing Association (QPMA) and conducted a membership survey on emerging issues and challenges. She has also been a member of the “Cultivating the Next Generation” committee since its founding in 2012, and has been a sitting board member of the Association InterIndustrielle de Montréal since 2013.

Contact her at: suzanne@trima.ca

Sophie Ménard
TRIMA instructor

Sophie Ménard holds a Ph.D. in Education, a Master’s degree in Education with a specialization in Adult Education, and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Her research focuses on executive coaching as an individualized learning process that enables managers to grow as leaders.

Sophie has also earned the following professional certifications: certified Integral Professional Coach, Prosci change management methodology, the TRIMA Competency-Based Approach, EQ-in-Action Profile through Learning in Action Technologies, as well as The Leadership Circle Profile and PDI PROFILOR, both of which are 360° assessment tools. For 25 years, Sophie has been passionate about the field of adult learning and development in the workplace. She has been a professor for 16 years and is director of the University of Ottawa’s Leadership, Learning and Organizational Development sector in Human Resources.

Chantal Marino
TRIMA partner and franchisee in Switzerland
Director of Institu futura21

In 2012, Chantal established Institut futura21 together with Roberto Bonino. The premise of this initiative was to offer a range of consulting and coaching activities to companies and major institutions in France and Switzerland.

Fifteen years of experience in high-tech multinational organizations instilled in Chantal the desire to work in corporate HR. She oversaw career management initiatives and participated in strategic decisions at the corporate level as a member of management committees. For five years, she handled sector restructuring efforts in Europe and led discussions on this introductory and challenging career transition process.

Curious and a strong proponent of delivering quality services to both businesses and people, she enrolled in the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at the University of Geneva, and undertook a research project to create a career profile and counselling tool for adults. She is also a graduate of the Geneva School of Economics and Management in Human Resources. At Institut futura21, Chantal worked as a coach, providing guidance to managers and heading corporate change projects, and was involved in career transition support programs. In 2016, with Chantal and Roberto at the helm, the Switzerland-based institute added another string to its bow by becoming TRIMA certified. Chantal is a TRIMA-certified consultant.

Contact her at: chantal@trima.ca

Roberto Bonino
TRIMA partner and franchisee in Switzerland
Director of Institut Futura21

Entrepreneur, researcher, and instructor, Roberto Bonino has spent the last ten years working in two major fields: management training and technologies.

In the early 2000s, he created his own Web technology company, where he developed tools linking web and human activities relating to knowledge and skills management. Over the last few years, he has been director of a university specialized in business management and strategy courses and is responsible for overseeing the international development of programs and activities.

Roberto travels throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the United States to identify higher education training needs and any developments taking place in the sector. He has an interest in and an excellent command of newer forms of distance education using web technologies. Roberto, himself a teacher and adult educator, knows how to transform teaching methods into tutorials and how these distance education systems work. He has notably taught web technologies and finance courses in MBA programs.

Roberto began his career as a doctor of physics, working on international research in Geneva. At the CERN, he was able to use his technology expertise to develop high-value-added scientific calculation tools.

Throughout his career, his intellectual and personal qualities allowed him to not only undertake innovative projects but also to continually develop an extensive network of contacts. His strong communication skills stem from his research and teaching activities, management responsibilities, and language abilities. Roberto can just as well facilitate workshops on social media as participate in conferences on a range of topics, such as the economy, the market situation and developments, technological developments and contributions, etc.

Contact him at: roberto@trima.ca

Christine Comblain
TRIMA partner and franchisee in Switzerland
Ph.D. in Psychology

Christine Comblain has been a psychologist, coach, and consultant with Institut futura21 since its inception, working passionately alongside Chantal Marino, founder of the Institute, on matters related to the relationship between people and their work.

She helps manage challenging situations that can arise during periods of change that accompany professional transitions, and works with companies to ensure their teams develop as cohesive units with a renewed perspective on progress.

A graduate of Université de Liège in Belgium, Christine has worked in a wide range of professional environments, in particular with the International Organization for Migration, where she gained valuable experience in dealing with mental health populations in Asia (Vietnam). She is a TRIMA-certified consultant and is currently training to be an instructor.

Contact her at: christine@trima.ca

Daniel Blanchette
Certified TRIMA distributor
President of DBcom

Since 2002, Daniel Blanchette has been helping entrepreneurs and managers achieve their objectives and execute their marketing strategies. He helps businesses to dig deeper, to do what it takes to unleash their creative abilities and to add value to their new service offerings.

His approach consists in getting companies to recognize that their employees are their most valuable asset in achieving success. This approach highlights the important relationship between the revenues, costs, and risks associated with commercialization.

Daniel holds a specialized graduate diploma in Management Consulting from UQAM, and is a certified CoachingOurselves partner and TRIMA distributor.

At DBcom, Daniel provides coaching, consulting, training, and skills and leadership development services to large organizations, both in Québec and abroad.

Contact him at: danblanchette@dbcom.ca