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TRIMA Solutions also offers a number of services and strategies to support clients and certified consultants in their use of psychometric tools and in their personal and professional development.

Training sessions

TRIMA Solutions organizes English and French certification training sessions throughout the year on the TRIMA system. These sessions are designed to inform and equip participants in the professional use of the various TRIMA tools and methods. The theoretical and practical constructs of the three questionnaires as well as the tools, strategies, tactics, and intervention applications are presented, discussed, and practised in relation to the various fields of human resources management, organizational development, and personal, team, and organizational coaching.

Led by TRIMA-certified trainers, these sessions vary in content, duration (between one and several days), and location (Switzerland, France, and/or Canada).

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Much like the training sessions, various workshops are held throughout the year to allow TRIMA certified consultants or professionals in the field to update their knowledge, improve their proficiency in interpreting the TRIMA assessments, and discover new coaching tools. These workshops are ideal opportunities for the participants and facilitators to exchange information and share their experiences of real-life cases or difficult situations.

While these workshops also vary in content and location, they are much shorter but just as enriching as full training seminars.

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Recognizing the value of co-development as an innovative and effective learning and professional development model, TRIMA Solutions founded groups in Montréal and Québec City.

Professional co-development provides a structured approach that allows participants (maximum of 9) to learn from each other in order to improve and consolidate their own practice. The power and appeal of this approach lies in leveraging every individual’s strengths and in sharing real-life experiences.

Codev meetings allow participants time to reflect, to hone their TRIMA skills, to foster their collective intelligence, and to exchange knowledge.

All meetings are led by TRIMA-certified consultants who are also certified in the Champagne and Payette Professional Co-development method.

In Europe, supervised group activities allow for productive exchanges on knowledge building.

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Seminars and events

TRIMA Solutions regularly organizes events, lectures, and seminars to ensure the viability of the TRIMA community, to share and promote our people-centred approach, and to revitalize the field of psychometrics.

Distinguished guests, innovative workshops, and surprise activities are a mainstay of the TRIMA world of competencies!

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Price policy

Payment for a TRIMA session is due at registration. For Certification training, we accept 33% at registration, 33% the first day of training and remainder 30 days after training start.