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As the world changes and competences evolve… you are in need for a change too! Whether your career path or personal journey is fast-moving, TRIMA Solutions can provide you with our team expertise and psychometric questionnaires to bring a new perspective on your values, skills, social styles or leadership. Skills assessment, career shift or empowerment: everything starts with the TRIMA questionnaires!


  • To enhance personal branding efforts
  • To improve CVs and employability
  • To establish competency portfolios
  • To assess talent and blind spots
  • To revitalize the everyday work experience
  • To develop a coherent leadership style
  • To improve decision-making processes
  • To build up energy and emotional reserves
  • To better manage stress and responsibilities
  • To apply FLOW strategies


  • Development of competency profiles
  • Workplace integration
  • Career counselling/reorientation
  • Support for individuals
  • Development of competencies

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“TRIMA is a powerful tool that I incorporate into every one of my client interventions!”

– Daniel Blanchette
President of dbcom, September 2015