Inventory of Workplace Values

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Inventory of Workplace Values

Thanks to a wide range of value categories usually involved in a any workplace, this Inventory helps you identify your true key-values. After highlighting the values that are most important to you, you will be able to select the primary individual values that must be found in your professional environment.

The Inventory of Workplace Values allows you to:

  • Identify your motivation, dedication and engagement;
  • Identify your professional needs for an improved performance;
  • Align your values (what you say) with your actions (what you do);
  • Clearly develop your “core purpose” and your professional role

The IWV: for whom, for what?

Precise result, specific context

Just like our other questionnaires, this Inventory allows our TRIMA consultants to interpret the results captured at a specific moment of your life. That is why this interpretation can evolve over time and depending on your career path. To conclude, the fundamental identified values will be valid according to the need that are expressed in a particular working environment.

What are the Inventory purposes?

  • Supervised by a TRIMA consultant, you will be able to aim a high degree of consistency between your stated values and lived values, while fulfilling a process of individuation and self realization
  • Knowing and understanding your workplace values provides self-confidence and assurance
  • A solid foundation to hold on to, adapt to change and develop an engaging vision (professional or personal)

For whom?

  • For individuals who would like to analyze the consistency or inconsistency of the values they state and the values they actually live with
  • For employees going through a career shift
  • For professionals who want to build a new brand image, in accordance with they actual values