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TRIMA Certified

Apart from the psychometric questionnaires and supervised interpretation meetings, TRIMA Solutions offers you the possibility of becoming a TRIMA certified consultant. From the certification exam to the refresher sessions, TRIMA Solutions provides its certified consultants with guidance and support based on their personal ambitions and professional needs. Bonded by a code of ethics, TRIMA and the certified consultants enhance the world of competencies and promote a scientifically recognized psychometric model.


  • To understand and master the complexities of a high-quality psychometric tool
  • For the reliability and scientific validity of the results obtained
  • For its powerful technological platform
  • To gain access to a vast international network of certified consultants
  • For its 75 coaching tools and related products
  • For its affordable prices
  • To develop personal competencies and create value for clients
  • For the support and independence that TRIMA Solutions offers its certified consultants


  • Complete the TRIMA certification training
  • Pass the qualification exam

Meet one of the following criteria:

  • Hold a university degree and perform duties related directly or indirectly to human resources management, training, management, psychology, or career counselling;
  • Have five years’ professional experience in the fields mentioned above.

Five roles

TRIMA Competencies

ES = essential   IM = important   UT = useful


  • Master the theoretical and practical aspects of the TRIMA model
  • Understand, explain, and use the statistical concepts of the TRIMA model


  • Strategic understanding UT Reflection
  • Ability to integrate IM Reflection
  • Professional pride ES Reflection



  • Respect the ethical principles and professional standards when interpreting the TRIMA questionnaire results
  • Possess the key competencies needed and apply them in coaching situations


  • Sense of responsibility ES Tradition



  • Know how to ask the right questions
  • Provide interpretations that will help clients gain awareness of a situation and use that information to achieve the desired results


  • Development of others ES Mediation
  • Active listening IM Mediation
  • Flexibility IM Mediation



  • Help clients identify how the results from their TRIMA questionnaires can be applied in future professional or personal situations
  • Help clients anticipate the impact that interactions between key components of internal and external factors will have on their future projects


  • Seeking alternatives ES Imagination



  • Create a climate that promotes engagement, tenacity, and perseverance
  • Help clients identify which actions to take in order to achieve results as efficiently as possible


  • Dynamic UT Action
  • Mobilizing ES Action

Advantages and services associated with the TRIMA certification

Private, secure access to the web platform via a “consultant” account entitles you access to:

The TRIMA questionnaires

Confidential management of client reports

Report setup and printing services

Monitoring of respondents

User guides for each related product

A guide for creating competency profiles

Instructional videos

Helpful hints and tips

Communication tools

The list of your transactions

Training and coaching tools

Technical support on browsing and/or using the features of the website

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