TRIMA Solutions

The 5 components of the TRIMA approach


Mr. Todd is nicknamed the nitpicker. Nothing that fails to meet expected results gets by him. He is interested in the practical uses and applications of software. Mr. Todd respects customs, traditions, rules, regulations and laws. He finds it somewhat difficult to accept change.

He is the auditor of the finance department and is known for being rigorous and meticulous. Mr. Todd immediately notices when objects are not in their right place in the office. He keeps an eye on employee overtime, sick days and vacations.

Social style Tradition

Values Discipline, duty and tradition

Verbs I accomplish. I reproduce.

Normal behaviour A meticulous person who adheres to tested and proven ideas. This person likes precision, but can become obsessed with detail.

Priorities Entrenchment, preservation and protection

Motivation To be recognized for the quality and precision of his work

Goal To preserve what has been achieved

Standard question For what purpose?

Potential problems Accepting to deal with uncertainty and approximations. Being unreceptive to new ideas. Strongly disliking uncertainty. Strongly disliking the unpredictable and sudden change.

Habitual thought pattern I appreciate people who abide by the rules. I enjoy doing things as perfectly as possible to the slightest detail. I say that rules are rules.

Relations with others Is not tolerant of those who break rules. Strongly dislikes instability and expects others to be just as consistent as himself.


Mrs. Rose began working for the company as an office clerk and is now the executive assistant to the vice-president of operations. She takes her work very seriously.

She constantly tries to understand why things work the way they do. She is systematic and objective in her approach. She has a critical mind. This allows her to see her own weaknesses as well as those of others.

The younger employees often refer to her for advice because she has sound judgement. She always seriously weighs the options at hand before making a decision. Mrs. Rose does not take sides. She tries to be just and fair in everything.

Social style Reflection

Values Sound judgement, research and knowledge

Verbs I think. I reason.

Normal behaviour An analytical thinker who is influenced only when presented with concrete evidence.

Priorities Understanding, logic and lucidity

Motivation To be recognized for his knowledge and sound judgement

Goal To make enlightened decisions

Standard question Why?

Potential problems Being blind to emotion. Becoming paralyzed by over-analysis. Feeling obliged to endure the incompetence of others.

Habitual thought pattern I believe that all options must be weighed before any decision is reached. I must not allow emotions to cloud my objectivity. I have a high regard for self-control. I prefer following the path of reason over sentiment.

Relations with others Shows no favouritism. Gives few compliments. Does not seek the approval of others.


Mr. Irving is the director of marketing. He constantly impresses everyone with his creative ideas for the company's products. He is interested in possibilities and potential. He constantly attempts to envision the future.

He finds details and routine boring. He prefers novelty and originality. His original ideas have earned him many honours and awards. He gives his team members a lot of freedom.

Nonetheless, the marketing department’s budget is not always balanced. Mr. Irving responds that that is what accountants are for.

Social style Imagination

Values Spontaneity, originality and freedom

Verbs I imagine. I innovate.

Normal behaviour A perceptive individual who is in tune with all emerging trends. This type of person likes to go with the flow and prefers to let others worry about details.

Priorities Innovation, change and improvement

Motivation To be recognized for his imagination

Goal To provide a global vision

Standard question Why not?

Potential problems Following a strict schedule. Dealing with an overabundance of details. Being tied to a desk and having to execute routine tasks.

Habitual thought pattern I am receptive to ideas and open to new approaches. I sometimes make my life harder by skipping steps. I am not very interested in planning.

Relations with others Seeks to avoid boredom. Strongly dislikes to have his ideas ignored. Shows more interest in the future than in the present.


Ms. Mosley prefers to take the human element into consideration first when making decisions. Idealism defines her. She devotes herself to improving the lot of others. She seeks to establish harmonious relations. She finds it easy to understand people, to walk in their shoes, to sense their emotions and to help them grow and develop.

Mrs. Mosley is the director of the human resources department. She often repeats that even though the department has well-established rules and guidelines, it is essential to follow one's heart when making decisions. Employee morale in her department is high and there is little turnover. Mrs. Mosley is rarely absent from work.

There are exceptions such as the time she had to undergo surgery for an ulcer after her department had to proceed with a series of layoffs.

Social style Mediation

Values Hospitality, human relations and listening

Verbs I feel. I conciliate.

Normal behaviour Understands how people function. Understands the value of compromise and masters the art of building consensus. Is exemplary for her good deeds.

Priorities Harmony, communication and service to others

Motivation To be recognized for showing concern for others

Goal To instill a climate of harmony and openness to others

Standard question For whom?

otential problems Being vulnerable to criticism. Being unable to deal with conflict even if she is not directly involved. Being fearful of rejection and disapproval.

Habitual thought pattern I listen to my feelings and follow my heart. I am neither abrupt nor competitive. I am a specialist of the win-win formula. I can easily pick up the vibe of the group.

Relations with others Shows great tolerance to others. Is a born diplomat. Prefers compromise to confrontation. Emphasizes the advantages of a friendly agreement rather than the disadvantages of conflictual behaviour.


Mr. Acorn is a man of action who likes to take matters in hand. He is the director of the sales department. He is a go-getter who lets nothing get in his way. He knows what he wants and where he wants to go, and has little patience for setbacks.

He likes things to run smoothly. Mr. Acorn follows his impulses when striving for his goals. He never hesitates, and swiftly moves from thought to action. He is both dynamic and driven, traits which stimulate his team.

He is a straight talker and perseveres against all odds. He prefers immediate solutions. He is goal-oriented and often says that we have to strike while the iron is hot.

Social style Action

Values Being alert, taking initiative and making decisions

Verbs I want. I act.

Normal behaviour Sees his living environment as a territory to be defined, explored and dominated. Likes to be in control. Takes swift action and is guided by instinct.

Priorities Recognition, power and success

Motivation To be recognized for his determination

Goal To be at the heart of the action

Standard question Why not now?

Potential problems Taking action prematurely and making bad decisions when impatient. Rarely understanding the value of compromise. Being abrupt and lacking tact. Overbearingly sticking to his guns.

Habitual thought pattern I have a will of iron. I am able to get by on my own because I always know what I want. I insist on playing an active role in the decision-making process.

Relations with others Likes to be at the helm in the eye of the storm. Appreciates the occasional controversy to put some spice into life. Charges forward against all odds and does not hesitate to express his thoughts.