TRIMA Solutions

The 5 components of the TRIMA approach


Tamara Tessier (She/Her) is characterized for her precision and thoroughness, working as Auditor in the Finance department. She has been nicknamed the ??Detail Freak?? and nothing is approved if it does not meet her expectations. Tamara notices immediately when things are not in the right place in the office. She keeps an eye on employees' sick days, vacations, and overtime and uses software functionality to provide her the help needed to accomplish her tasks. She is respectful of customs, traditions, rules, and regulations, which make sudden changes a bit difficult for her.

Social style Tradition

Values Discipline, sense of duty, sense of tradition

Verbs I execute, I reproduce

Usual behavior Meticulous, adheres to proven ideas, likes precision, detail-oriented

Priorities Conservation, preservation, protection

Motivation Be recognized for the quality and precision of work

Goal Preserve what has been achieved

Simple question For what purpose?

Possible difficulties Having to put up with uncertainty and approximations. Lack of flexibility in accepting new ideas, strongly disliking the unpredictable and sudden change.

Usual thoughts I appreciate people who follow the rules, I like to do things as perfectly as possible down to the smallest detail, I tell myself that the rules are the rules.

Relationships with others Is not tolerant of those who break the rules, hates instability, and expects to find the same work consistency in others.


Rachel Ramsey (She/Her) started with the company as an Office Clerk. She was promoted to Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Operations and takes her job very seriously. New employees often refer to her for advice due to her sound judgment. She seriously weighs the various options before taking a decision. Rachel keeps on looking for the why of things. Her approach is systematic and objective. She has a critical mind, which allows her to see her own weaknesses as well as those of others. Rachel has no bias and tries to be as just and fair in everything as possible.

Social style Reflection

Values Sound judgement, research, knowledge

Verbs I think, I reason

Usual behaviour Analytical reasoning influenced only by solid evidence

Priorities Comprehension, logic, lucidity

Motivation Be recognized for knowledge and judgment

Goal Make informed choices

Simple question Why?

Possible difficulties Being blind to emotion, paralyzed by over-analysing, feeling obliged to endure the incompetence of others.

Usual thoughts I believe that all the possible options must be weighed before taking a decision, not allowing my emotions to interfere with my objectivity. I have a high regard on self-control and prefer following the path of reason, rather than feelings.

Relationship with others Shows no favoritism, stingy with compliments, does not seek the approval of others.


Ian Idleman (He/His) Director of the Marketing Department is constantly impressing everyone with his creative ideas towards the company's products. Ian is interested with possibilities, potentialities, and forward thinking. His ingenuity has brought him several honors and awards. He finds details and routine boring, he prefers novelty and originality. Nonetheless, the budget of the marketing department is not always well balanced as he relays on accountants to do that part. His Team members have lots of freedom and latitude working in that department.

Social style Imagination

Values Spontaneity, originality, freedom

Verbs I imagine, I innovate

Usual behaviour Perceptive, tuned in with all emerging trends, goes with the flow, and prefers to let other worry about details.

Priorities Innovation, change, improvement

Motivation Be recognized for his imagination

Goal Provide a global vision

Simple question Why not?

Possible difficulties Sticking to a strict schedule, having to deal with too many details, being tied to a desk and having to perform routine tasks.

Usual thoughts I am receptive to new ideas and approaches. I sometimes complicate my life by skipping steps. Planning doesn't interest me much.

Relationship with others Seeks to avoid banality, resents having his ideas neglected, shows more interest in the future than the present.


Miguel Mendez (He/His) is Director of the Human Resources department. He often repeats that even if the department has well-established rules and standards, it is essential to follow one?s heart when taking a decision. He is characterized by his idealism towards human being and establish harmonious relationships with people. It is easy for him to understand others, to put himself in their place, to perceive their feelings and to help them grow and develop. The morale of the staff in the department is very high with only a few departures. Miguel is rarely absent from his work and be certain that if he is absent, it is due to a major cause.

Social style Mediation

Values Hospitality, human relations, listening, empathic

Verbs I care, I accompany

Usual behavior Understands how human beings work, aware of the value of compromise and masters the art of consensus, is a pillar of good deeds.

Priorities Harmony, communication, service to others

Motivation Be known for caring about others

Goal To install a climate of harmony and openness to others

Simple question For whom?

Possible difficulties Vulnerable to criticism, an atmosphere of conflict makes this person uncomfortable even if not directly involved, fears rejection and disapproval.

Usual thoughts I listen to my feelings and follow my heart, I am neither abrupt nor competitive, I am a specialist of the ?win-win? formula, I easily pick up the pulse of the group.

Relationship with others Great tolerance toward others, diplomate, prefers compromise to confrontation, emphasizes on a friendly agreement rather than on a conflictual behavior.


Alix Alaku (They/Them), Director of the Sales department is a person of action who likes to take matters into their own hands. Determined, they let nothing get in their way and will not allow being imposed upon. Alix knows what they want, where to go but finds it hard to tolerate anything that can slow them down. This individual like when things go smoothly, they are dynamic, and driven which stimulate their team. They are outspoken, perseverant, goal oriented and follow their impulses without hesitation for immediate solutions to "strike the iron while it's hot"

Social style Action

Values Courage, initiative, decision-making

Verbs I want, I act

Usual behaviour Sees their living environment as a territory to be defined, explored, dominated. Likes to control situations, speed of action guided by instinct.

Priorities Recognition, power, success

Motivation Be recognized for determination

Goal Be at the heart of the action

Simple question Why not now?

Possible difficulties Can act prematurely and make wrong decisions when impatient

Usual thoughts I have an iron will and able to manage on my own, I always know what I want such as taking an active role in decision-making process.

Relationship with others Likes to be in the eye of the storm, appreciates occasional controversy adding spice to life. Does not hesitate to express their thoughts no matter what.